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RIDGID 100 Construction Endless


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Product number: RID-149
HS Code : 96084000000
Supplier country : China
Product information "RIDGID 100 Construction Endless"
The multitasking pencil is a versatile tool for every day. With its sustainable endless writing tip, which allows an impressive writing length of about 20 km, it is durable and environmentally friendly. The pencil has a hardness level of HB and is erasable. Its unbreakable design makes it particularly robust and ready for immediate use without sharpening. The integrated centimeter/inch ruler and the 1:20/1:50 scale make it the ideal companion for measurements. The replaceable writing tip ensures long-lasting use. Made of matte aluminum in elegant black, the pencil adds a touch of style and quality to any writing experience. Each pencil features the "RIDGID 100" logo.

  • Sustainable endless writing tip (approx. 20 km writing length)
  • HB hardness
  • Unbreakable and ready for immediate use
  • Integrated centimeter/inch ruler and 1:20/1:50 scale
  • Replaceable writing tip for long-lasting use
  • Made of matte aluminum in elegant black