RIDGID Leather Ball + Pump


Stock: 183
Product number: RID-129
HS Code : 95066200000
Supplier country : Pakistan
Product information "RIDGID Leather Ball + Pump"
Our size 5 leather soccer ball will give you a premium playing experience on the field. With its high quality PV material, 1.5mm thick cover and latex bladder with butyle plug-in valve, this soccer is perfect for sports activities. It comes with a handy air pump to ensure that the ball is always optimally inflated. The black, white and red color combination gives the ball an attractive and dynamic look.

  • Leather soccer ball size: 5 
  • Including pump to inflate air
  • Color: black, white & red
PV material, 1.5 mm, phthalatefree, 400 g with latex bladder and butyle plug-in valve